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Dragons Den March 16

Hear our coverage of the University of Bedfordshire’s STEPS ‘Dragons Den’ event, first broadcast on 1st March 2016.

Vice Chancellor's Annual Lecture 2015

Listen again to Radio LaB’s coverage of the Vice Chancellor’s Annual Lecture 2015.

Clearing 2015 @ UoB

‘Clearing’ is being spoken about a lot this week – but what is it? Radio LaB went to investigate, and spoke to Susie King (Head of UK & EU Admissions) & David Seaton (Head of Student Recruitment) at the University of Bedfordshire.

Vice Chancellor's Student Experience Awards 2015

Listen to Radio LaB’s highlights from the Vice Chancellor’s Student Experience Awards 2015, which took place on Friday 5th June.

With thanks to Leanne Clarke and Daytona Leonard for their recordings, and Louie Smith for his voice-over.

President's XI vs Vice Chancellor's XI Highlights

Highlights from Tuesday 19 May, where the annual UoB staff vs students match took place at Kenilworth Rd, Luton.

The final outside broadcast of the academic year for Radio LaB students.