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Tripple are Cait, Annie and Jill; sisters and mum. Tripple have a big love of the traditional music and songs of Scotland and especially enjoy arranging them in a contemporary way. By using interesting harmonies, finely tuned dynamics, with a wee spattering of unusual sounds for good measure we love bringing the old songs to life and help tell the stories within. Tripple are 2/3 based in Glasgow, 1/3 in Banffshire. Although the sisters are still in their very early twenties they have been enjoying singing, fiddling and harping they were wee and started performing at the world Burns federation competitions when they were just eight years old. Tripple are regular performers and between us we appear, and have appeared, in NYCoS, the North East Folk Collective, the Strathspey Fiddlers, Feis Rois Ceilidh Trail, Peplo, Local Vocals and Aurora Choir. We have performed in Ireland, Canada, USA, France, Germany, Finland, Norway and all over Scotland including the Usher Hall, Edinburgh, Balmoral and Fyvie Castles, the Scottish Parliament, Dunfermline Pavilion and Aberdeen’s Music Hall. Tripple is an old Scots word describing both a dance step and the swell of the tide which neatly sums up our approach to song.

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