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Síle is a newly-formed trio of masters students from the University of Limerick featuring Lizzy Hewitt (vocals), Olivia Budd (fiddle), and Ellen Gibling (harp). Originally from Canada and the US, Lizzy, Olivia, and Ellen met in September 2018 in the Masters in Irish Traditional Music Performance course at UL’s Irish World Academy.

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Madderam are a young, up and coming Folk Band based in Central Scotland. The band initially came together through the Fèis Fhoirt Ceilidh Trail, which they toured as through the Summer of 2018 and have now struck out on their own, performing at events such as Linlithgow Folk Festival and their own album launch in the last few months alone. The band draws on a wide array of influences, from Breton and Gaelic Folk songs to Contemporary Scottish tunes and Self Penned songs. All five members bring a unique voice and style to the band’s diverse and varied sound with a constantly developing and expanding repertoire.

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Erin at Eleven

ERIN AT ELEVEN is a singer/songwriter/guitarist from the outskirts of Glasgow, who has been writing songs since 2005. Her music takes laid-back, subtle acoustic folk melodies and then clashes them against angst laden rhythms and melancholic lyrics (which is no surprise really when you consider she’s strongly influenced by the likes of Death Cab for Cutie and Queens of the Stone Age, amongst others).

Erin’s style has been described as indie, alternative rock, folk, soul, pop, even emo – much to her amusement, provoking nostalgic teenage memories… Anyway, she prefers not to put herself into any particular box these days and instead enjoys the freedom of experimenting as a writer, performer and producer. Yes, she likes to wear many hats (metaphorical and actual).
Erin makes music because she doesn’t really have a choice in the matter, it pours out of her and it’s productive for an insomniac to have something to focus on after all. She enjoys performing and is passionate about producing her own music but Erin’s first love will always be writing songs, except when writer’s block strikes.

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Craig Harrison and Elias Muusavi

Elias and Craig met playing music at the University of Glasgow. They quickly gelled as musicians and over the last two years have been performing together. Craig and Elias work together to lead the Glasgow University Folk Music Group, who are also playing at this event. Craig is from Co. Clare, Ireland and grew up surrounded by traditional Irish music, playing from a young age. Elias is from Helsinki, Finland and his experience is mostly in contemporary and rock music, he started to play traditional music two years ago. Craig and Elias have a dynamic blend of modern and traditional folk music.

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Tripple are Cait, Annie and Jill; sisters and mum. Tripple have a big love of the traditional music and songs of Scotland and especially enjoy arranging them in a contemporary way. By using interesting harmonies, finely tuned dynamics, with a wee spattering of unusual sounds for good measure we love bringing the old songs to life and help tell the stories within. Tripple are 2/3 based in Glasgow, 1/3 in Banffshire. Although the sisters are still in their very early twenties they have been enjoying singing, fiddling and harping they were wee and started performing at the world Burns federation competitions when they were just eight years old. Tripple are regular performers and between us we appear, and have appeared, in NYCoS, the North East Folk Collective, the Strathspey Fiddlers, Feis Rois Ceilidh Trail, Peplo, Local Vocals and Aurora Choir. We have performed in Ireland, Canada, USA, France, Germany, Finland, Norway and all over Scotland including the Usher Hall, Edinburgh, Balmoral and Fyvie Castles, the Scottish Parliament, Dunfermline Pavilion and Aberdeen’s Music Hall. Tripple is an old Scots word describing both a dance step and the swell of the tide which neatly sums up our approach to song.

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Gardening for Bumblebees

Gardening for Bumblees were also finalists of the Danny Kyle Open Stage 2018. GfB consists of Sam Begbie who is a singer-songwriter based in Glasgow, combining elements of folk, rock and jazz, whose songs have received high praise, even from listeners outwith his immediate family. Joe and Sam formed a musical partnership in the early months of 2016, showing for the first time, and by no means the last, Joe’s impeccable sense of timing. His enticing funk rhythms add an unforgettable drive to their music, and together they are forging their way into the anals of history

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DLÙ are a modern trad fusion band from Glasgow. The five piece line up features Moilidh NicGriogair on fiddle, Zach Ronan on accordion, Aidan Spiers on guitar, Jack Dorrian on bass and Andrew Grossart on drum kit. Winners of the Danny Kyle Open Stage 2018, their precocious musicianship, eclectic musical influences and youthful energy set them apart from their peers

Four members met and became friends during their time at the Glasgow Gaelic School. As fluent Gaelic speakers, they are keen to use the band as a platform for the language. This inspired their name which derives from the Gaelic word ‘dlùth’, meaning tight knit and close.

Bassist Jack Dorrian subsequently joined in April 2018. In August 2018 they released their debut single ‘Anmoch’. Whilst the trad influence can be heard clearly in the melodies they compose, this is only one feature of the overall sound. Classical influence can be heard in the violin/fiddle and accordion parts, as Moilidh and Zach use techniques not typical of the trad genre. Aidan, Jack and Andrew come from a popular music background. Their combination of funk, rock and jazz gives each set a distinctive feel. They also bring their instruments to the forefront with solos and fills. The merging of these various elements is the essence of the band’s sound.

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Megan Shearer

22-year-old folk singer songwriter from Aberdeen with Shetland and Orkney background. Influenced heavily by Karine Polwart and Bears Den. Megan studies music in Edinburgh and enjoys playing session fiddle for bands; her recent gig includes playing at Belladrum. However she’s decided to venture out on her own!

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